Enrollment Manages strives to be a leader in maximizing students potential for academic success. In order to achieve this goal, UNCG offers student programs specifically designed to enhance a students ability to perform well and gives them the resources needed to succeed.

These programs include UNCG Guarantee, The Student Success Center, Students First Office, and Advising.

UNCG Guarantee

The UNCG Guarantee is more than an outstanding financial aid package for those who qualify; it is also a support program that provides a variety of opportunities and services to enhance scholars’ academic achievement, leadership skills, and personal success.


Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) will be a leader in maximizing students’ potential for academic success through personalized and structured tutoring, study groups, academic skills, counseling, and workshops.


Students First Office

Students First serves as an academic information station for assisting students with academic advising, academic appeals, course overload requests, and graduation plan completion. Students’ First advisors are also responsible for the advisement of all exploratory (undecided) students at UNCG.


Academic Advising

Academic Advising serves to engage students in making informed decisions regarding their educational, career, and life goals.


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Resources for Single Parent Students

To better serve single parent students at UNCG, these resources are listed to assist single parent students with academic support, financial support, childcare services and support, personal/emotional wellness and services provided for single parents throughout North Carolina.