Enrollment Management

UNCG Enrollment Management

At UNC Greensboro we aim to meet several core and macro-level goals within the areas of enrolling and graduating students, educational achievement, and community engagement. These represent the most easily quantified, global outcomes associated with research universities. Within the intersection of each area of transformation and focus are additional directions for the future. Initiatives supporting each of these projects are being implemented throughout the University by a variety of individuals from across the campus.

Strategic Projects

  • Scholarships Reimagined: Partnering with a national research and thought leader, UNCG has completely reinvented its scholarship model to help more students with the right amounts at the right time.  The results? Two-thirds of newly enrolled freshmen now receive a scholarship and hundreds of thousands in new dollars are now available for transfers.
  • Amazon Career Choice Partnership: Amazon’s Career Choice program is an education benefit that empowers Amazon employees to learn new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere. UNCG is one of the only schools in North Carolina chosen by Amazon and is the only Amazon partner in the Triad. This new relationship will offer free college-level courses to Amazon employees both locally and across the state.
  • National Best Practices with Local Community Colleges: UNCG is partnering with Guilford Technical Community College and other local partners to bring nationally-proven support models to Triad-area transfer students. These new initiatives will make pathways to a Bachelor’s Degree clearer and more cost-effective while giving students personalized, hands-on support from UNCG throughout their community college experiences.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: State-of-the-art phone systems to ensure we’re easy to reach. Best-in-Class Customer Relationship Management software to automate timely, relevant and personalized communication at scale. AI-driven virtual assistants providing 24/7 service via text or on the web. UNCG Enrollment Management is bringing the best the industry has to offer to students and families.
  • Stop-out Research and Outreach: Enrollment Management has been engaged in an extensive stop-out study to research students who have stopped out from UNC Greensboro prior to receiving a degree. We have learned much from the research and are using our findings to perform outreach to stop-out students and assist them in re-enrollment. As a result of the outreach efforts, we experienced an increase of 19% in our former student enrollment in Fall 2022 and expect additional increases in future semesters. 
  • Student Enrollment Processes Committee (SEPC): Enrollment Management has put together a committee to examine and manage enrollment-related processes to reduce/remove barriers to student success and progression and determine enhancements that will improve services to our students. The processes and issues that are examined include: processes related to the business of being a student (payment plans, cancellations, transcripts, immunizations, payment deadlines, registration holds, etc.); process related to admissions and registration; issues around the student stop-out population, including identifying root causes and proposed means of reducing attrition; identifying causes of financial distress; and identification of tools/information that we can equip students with to help plan a payment strategy for the duration of their enrollment.